Local Utility Rates

  1. Electricity: If water and power are combined in your bill, subtract those items that give reference to water before you divide total cost of the bill by kilowatt hours used. Do not be concerned with "number of days," "energy costs," and separately listed taxes and surcharges
  2. Natural gas: Divide total cost at bottom of the bill by the number of therms used. Do not be concerned with "billing factor," "adjusted therms," "scheduled billing rates," or any separately listed taxes.
  3. Water: Divide the total charges by the number of "100 cubic feet." If the water is part of your electric bill, water charges are the total of "water used" and "sewer service charge."

Laundry Room Utility Costs

1. Water uses: 0.045 of 100 cubic feet of water,
0.300 kwh of electricity,
and 0.110 therms of gas
2. Gas dryer uses: 0.170 therms of gas, and 0.500 kwh of electricity
3. Electric dryer uses: 3.30 kwh of electricity
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